“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Karolina Norée takes us on her Jim Green Journey to the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Needing a pair of trusty boots for the journey she opted for the combo package of our Razorback and African Ranger. We asked ourselves, “is this the perfect boot pairing for any adventure?”

On her journey she documents her incredible sightings and experiences, capturing the great migration of roughly 2 million Wildebeest as well as many other amazing animals.
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Karolina Norée

Location: Tanzania
Instagram: karolinanoreewild
TikTok: karolinanoreewild
Jim Green Boot size: UK 6 Men’s
Other Footwear size: UK 7 Women

One of the most memorable moments while on this adventure with my Jim Greens was the morning we spent watching the great migration. To see wildebeests and zebras as far as the eyes could see what beyond anything I could ever imagine.
As a photographer my priority was to try and capture this spectacular scene, but it was honestly next to impossible. Since it felt even too overwhelming for my brain to comprehend the size of the herds, it surely was a challenge to try to capture that on camera.
And it was fantastic to get to experience such a thing with the great Jim Greens African Ranger on my feet.”
“While on a photographic project to Tanzania, the Jim Green African Rangers were the perfect companion for this adventure. They kept me warm on chilly mornings on safari but, were still comfortable during the hot afternoons. On this kind of project, you never know what to expect and when you might be in need for a good pair of shoes walking through the bush. I found myself choosing them for pretty much every single excursion, from ventures around Arusha or Stonetown to bushwalks and hikes while on safari.

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