“I was introduced to Jim Green boots when a fellow anti-poaching friend proudly showed off his pair of African Rangers. Little did I know that these African Ranger boots would one day save my life.” 
The main focus of my work is security and community service. I often find myself out in the city of Johannesburg, patrolling the streets and tracking down criminals in the dead of the night, and it was on one of these bitterly cold nights that my African Rangers saved my life.
And this is where my story with Jim Green starts.
We had received intel that a group of 6 copper cable thieves were currently digging up part of an old railway line. As part of a larger team, I found myself working to detain the suspected copper thieves in a deteriorating neighbourhood in the West Rand in complete darkness due to rolling blackouts. They had already started their trench and were about halfway done when we arrived on scene, so time was of the essence, and we had to move fast. We began to approach the suspects on foot while keeping a low profile. Three team members and I took a route through the bush to approach the suspects. We were almost ready to apprehend the suspects when all hell broke loose. One of the copper cable thieves’ scouts had noticed the opposite team trying to make an approach and whistled to warn the others. I was crouched in a trench when two of the suspects ran past me. In response, I immediately thought to stand up and begin pursuit, but something told me to stay put.
“For this next part, some context needs to be given. It was pitch black, freezing and we only use our torches in an absolute emergency. You cannot see your own hand in front of your face at times.”
It was then, that not even 10 feet from me, I noticed a shadow move. Knowing that none of our guys were in my immediate area, I knew it had to be one of the suspects. It turns out it was! He had crouched in a trench that was next to mine, and in his hand was a 9mm handgun (the firearm was found on his person after being detained). “He hadn’t heard my approach due to the soft (and extremely quiet) soles of my African Rangers.” And had I pursued the 2 suspects who ran past me only a few moments before, he would have most likely have fired in my direction at almost point-blank range.
I have now worn my African Rangers almost every single day for the last year. They have been through rain, mud and rivers. From the thick bush of the West Rand to the tarred roads of the city, I still wouldn’t change them for any other type of boot.
“From an Urban Ranger to Jim Green, thank you for creating an incredible product that I can rely on.”

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