A shorter Jim Green Journey for this customers pair of boots. The below story was shared to us from a fan in the greater Kruger National Park area.
“Good Day,
I would like to start my email with a compliment.
Jim Green footwear really appeals to everyone’s taste, I recently bought my second pair of Jim Green shoes, the Turbo Vellie.
Needless to say I was very pleased when they arrived and I wore them straight out of the box. I left my Vellies out on the porch to ventilate for a while when a young hyena somehow squeezed itself past our garden gate and grabbed one of the shoes and run off with it.
It had my left Turbo Vellie for breakfast. My dear wife searched surrounding bushveld and found the leftovers of the meal under some bushes.Living in the Kruger National Park, we have no dogs around here but plenty of Hyenas in our neighbourhood.”
The following morning:
“In the early morning, my wife took a picture of the culprits that destroyed my Vellies. Now that we have secured our gate with an additional chain, they dug a tunnel under our fence during the night. With my right foot Vellie not available they helped themselves to a set of pillows.”

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