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Embrace Nature with the African Ranger Barefoot Boot

The African Ranger Barefoot Boot is all about keeping things natural and comfy for your feet. It’s like giving your feet a smooth ride on level ground. Plus, there’s lots of space up front in the toe area, so your big toe and pinkie toe can spread out without feeling squished against the sides. These boots are like your foot’s best friend – they’re super flexible and can bend and twist just like your foot would. The soles are thin, so you can feel the ground beneath you better. Going barefoot-style is where the magic happens. No need to worry about springs in your toes or fancy arch support. These boots let your feet do their thing naturally. So, if you’re all about comfy, flexible, and feet-happy footwear, the barefoot boot is where it’s at!
  • The boot is designed with 3 main focus areas: Comfort and Durability while at an Affordable price.
  • The Anvil sole is designed to mimic the feel of walking any terrain barefoot, while giving you extra grip and protection.
  • The Toe, Heel and Eyelet area are manufactured with a double layer of 2.2mm nubuck leather for added durability.
  • The Heel stiffener is built in for ankle support and protection.
  • The soft leather collar and tongue for comfort and weight reduction.
  • A leather midsole for added comfort, flexibility and feel under foot.
  • The heavy-duty speed hooks and eyelets to help secure your feet.
  • The leather midsole is secured to the upper with a double stitched 2.2mm braided nylon cord.
  • As with all our boots, these can be resoled due to their double stitch down construction.
  • Last: Zero Drop (This offers a wide fit and extra room that allows for a more natural barefoot experience)
  • Weight: 2.34 lbs (Size 9 US)
  • Laces: 47.24 inches
The best way to preserve your Jim Greens is through regular and correct polishing. Water, heat and wear remove the natural oil from the leather, so when the tiny fibres dry out they become hard, brittle and break easily, thereby shorten the life of the leather.
For our leather boots we recommend any natural shoe polish found at your local store. For our suede options we suggest light brushing to remove dirt and a scotchguard for longer protection.
After a long day in wet conditions and you requiring your boots early the next morning, the worst possible solution is to artificially dry your boots. Leather fibres burn easily – especially when wet and therefore should never be left near a heater, placed in your oven or left in direct sunlight. For the best results, footwear should be dried out slowly and never subjected to any extreme heat. Should you work in constantly wet conditions, it is best to alternate between two or more pairs of our Jim Green boots.
We realise that buying footwear online is a daunting task and we are often asked to recommend a size by new Jim Green customers. If you happen to purchase a pair of Jim Green boots online and they do not fit, we will happily exchange them for you. If the measurements fall in-between the lengths provided, we do offer half sizes on certain styles. We can recommend a size but we can’t guarantee the fit.
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10.63" 10
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12.20" 14
Reviews (41)

41 reviews for African Ranger Barefoot Boot – Fudge

  1. Trevor (verified owner)

    Love these barefoot versions of the African Ranger. Finally something that checks all the boxes I’ve been looking for. Excellent leather, wide toe-box, zero drop, and a leather midsole for bonus points. Please keep making these in other styles.

  2. Jaime Manini (verified owner)

    Just got them, super comfortable! More comfortable than any sneaker I own yet it’s a true heritage style boot. So much under foot feel and so flexible. Love them.

  3. jrcrookston (verified owner)

    On day number 2, so comfortable, so good looking and amazing build quality. Everything the above reviews said stands true here.
    Thank you Jim Green for making these boots.
    Thank you Rose Anvil for the collaboration.
    And thank you to you.

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    Ordered my brannock size and it was spot on. Had some hot spots in areas where leather bunches but I laced them differently and its better now. Leather is soft out of the box so there isn’t any break in needed. Very comfortable would recommend.

  5. Adam (verified owner)

    These are wonderful boots.
    I’ll be buying the Houston Brown pair just to have more…..
    Thank You!!!

  6. Christian (verified owner)

    These are my first pair of Jim Greens. I love zero drop shoes and these are fantastic, the quality is great. I have really wide feet, so much so that I still have a break in period for the width in a lot of wide toe box shoes. These never felt tight from the first day I put them on. Happy with my purchase.

  7. Rishi

    It’s very rare that I love a shoe on the first day of wearing it. I’m loving these barefoot boots. They’re very comfortable and I they feel like a great general shoe for hiking, work and casual wear. I will prob get a second pair in a different color. I hope Jim Green makes a barefoot Razorback, Baobab, Vellies and shoes. I’d also love the ability to buy the sole direct from Jim Green in order to re-sole it when the time comes.

  8. Octavia (verified owner)

    Super comfy with amazing toe room and width. Super awesome to see innovation in this space!

  9. Luke (verified owner)

    Most comfortable boots I own, the fit and finish is much better than my bearfoot bruins at a better price. Please make barefoot variations of your other boots, I would love to see a barefoot AR8!

  10. Jonathan Lidell (verified owner)

    So far I’m really loving these boots. These are the first pair of boots I’ve ever had that are wide enough that I was actually able to were my true size rather than having to do a half to full size up. They’re really comfortable and I also just really love the look of the boot as well.

  11. Jason (verified owner)

    Ordered these immediately when I saw the Rose Anvil video. I had the regular Aftrican Rangers in a 10.5. But my toe catches the rigid toe box right as it wraps around from the side to the front. Got them in an 11. I like them, but slightly too long. I really need a 10.75. Saw that these had no structured tow box, just the double leather layer and immediately pulled the trigger as that was what I wish my regular 10.5s did not have (they went to my pops). Very happy with these. The leather insole, zero drop, and unstructured toe box are wonderful. Price for what you get is outstanding. I still push slightly against the leather in the same spot, but where it is unstructured there is zero discomfort. I wear these constantly. Quality of construction is very good. 10/10 would buy again.

  12. Alex K (verified owner)

    Already have 20+ miles on these and couldn’t be more impressed. Brannock size worked perfectly and there is so much room in that nice wide toe box. Break in period was nearly non-existent, being surprisingly comfortable out of the box. I feel like I am just getting a really solid value when the materials and quality of construction are taken into account. First pair of Jim Green’s but wont be my last after this experience.

  13. David Murch (verified owner)

    I really like these boots and hope they are a permanent option. Having a zero drop, flexible, and good ground feel option in a real boot is wonderful. The boot’s quality is higher than the price you pay. These are my new daily drivers.

  14. pitr256 (verified owner)

    I ordered this boot after watching tons of boot videos and saw the Rose Anvil video about their collab on it. Based on what I saw, it seemed like the perfect boot I was looking for: rugged but not overly so, great for walking, durable, wide toe-box, zero drop, leather midsole, and most of all well designed. So I took a chance and ordered them.

    And I just got them in yesterday and the wait was worth it! I’ve been wearing these boots all day and it feels like I can walk for hours in them. So comfortable. So well made. I love ’em and have already ordered a second pair of the Houston brown color version. I could not be more happy with this purchase and these boots! Great job to the team in South Africa on making them!

    Only thing I’d add is to have the craftspeople who made them, sign/brand the inside with their name(s) cause they’re like works of art. Truly awesome.

  15. Ezekiel Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Nothing like these exist. These break in beautifully and flex so well. Perfect protection for rocks, twigs, and other objects, and perfect ground feel. Good grip on the anvil sole. If they keep selling these I’ll keep buying them. If they’re going to be discontinued I’ll buy 5 pairs before they’re gone. Highly recommend if you want a zero drop mid rise boot. Apply some Sno-seal because puddles will infiltrate the low sole, and you’re good for everything but high snow.

  16. Christian (verified owner)

    I had purchased the original African Rangers as they struck me as a nice balance between traditional boots and barefoot shoes by virtue of their roomier toe box. That said they had their drawbacks and I had basically abandoned them. This version fixed all the faults I had with my original pair. Gone is the fiberboard midsole which is very sensitive to getting wet and separating. Replaced with genuine leather. And now it’s even closer to a true bare foot shoe with its zero drop heel and flexibility. I also much prefer the lugged sole as they give decent traction in the snow. If I HAD to find something to complain about, I guess I could say the toe box could be more anatomically shaped, and that on my pair the leather insole/heel lining on one shoe had curled in on itself because it was either too long or not glued down properly -but that hasn’t effected wearability. The fit is certainly unique. They are roomy and I’m honestly unsure if I should go down half a size but I think they are on the wider side generally speaking. I got the “honey” color which I think people pass up in favor of the darker brown which is a mistake as they really pop. I ended up waxing mine for the winter (which looks really cool) and so far they have been doing really well. The padded ankle cuff actually does a decent job keeping out snow. All in all, they look good, are comfortable, have stood up to the elements so far, and don’t have any filler materials like cork as far as I know. When you buy a pair of these boots you are stealing from these people because If these boots were being sold by some of the other name brand manufacturers then they’d easily be 2-3x the price.

  17. Daniel (verified owner)

    Wanted to start by saying that Jim Green’s customer service is top notch! I’ve been wearing barefoot shoes for the last 3 years and can finally say that I found a boot to fill a large void in my wardrobe. Sizing for me seems to be similar to vivo barefoot(I went half size a up from brannock) leaving about a half inch from the tip of my big toe to the end of the boot. The fudge leather is soft/flexible and breaths very well due to the unlined design.(Feet may get cold if spending extended time outside during winter) The ankle padding, low height of the boot, and it’s ability to pair well with jeans both slimmer and more relaxed make this the perfect everyday boot. The materials and construction make the boots feel substantial without adding unnecessary heft. Truly a perfect balance that creates an on-foot feel like no other. Cant wait to see how well they patina over time!

  18. Brian

    This is not your normal boot. This is more like a good glove for your foot. This boot isn’t for sidewalks, it’s for walks in the brush and forest. You will feel the ground beneath your feet, and you’ll know what’s there by feel. I’ve never worn anything this comfortable. It’s not as soft as barefoot on moss, but it’s close.

  19. Joshua

    I’ve owned and worn out several types of minimalist boots and shoes from Mini mils, various Lems, Xero, Merrell, Russell Moccasin, etc… and they’ve all been good until I wore these. I wear comfortably a 14.5 which leaves me getting 14s in most brands. These boots run about a half size bigger which is perfect. The build quality surpasses every boot I have worn save for Russell’s. There is no insole but I found alpaca wool insoles and it has been a breeze working in winter. The ground feel is lacking but that’s is fine since I work and walk on rocks and logs all day. It is enough feeling for me to know what I’m walking in but not be uncomfortable. Love the resolable feature. Everything about this boot has surpassed my expectations. All I’ve done to them is cover them in a beeswax/oil mix and the alpaca wool insole. They are my forever boot. I can’t see a reason to buy any other brand right now. My only request is to make a taller option, 6 or 8 inch.

  20. Jack Lasley

    Everything I had hoped for. In buying these boots, I was looking for a high-quality, resoleabale boot for outdoor work, hiking, and camping. I went with the barefoot boot because I like the idea of having as little underfoot as possible. These boots are exactly what I had hoped they would be. I wear a size 10.5 and have moderately wide feet. I ordered the 10.5 after confirming that these ran true to size and they fit perfectly. Right out of the box they were perfectly comfortable. It does feel like there will be a bit of a break-in period, but they already feel very nice.

  21. Randy B

    Finally a “Real” boot that doesn’t squish my toes!!! I have been wearing Lems barefoot boots for a couple years and love the wide toes but hate he look and mid-low end materials. These Jim Greens are just a better version of what I have been wearing with a more traditional build and nice materials.

    They could use a little more cushion for my taste, I added a flat foam insole and that helped a little bit. I think my perfect boot would be this wide toe upper with a sole somewhere between this and the standard Jim green sole. But aside from wanting just a tad more separation from the ground (I do understand that’s the feature many want in this boot) I think these are great.

    For this price level I think the quality of the materials and craftsmanship is a great value. My pair seems very well made with no real flaws aside from a little glue got smeared on the inside of the upper around the ankle area.

    Very happy with my pair and I hope Jim Green continues with this line, a very bold design from a respected traditional boot company is a rare thing and they knocked it out of the park with these. I look forward to seeing these in maybe some new leather colors and in the future some slight revisions to make them even closer to perfection. Thank you again for taking a chance on making these, its really hard to find boots that don’t hurt my feet by being too narrow or look and feel sloppy and too wide, these are the perfect fit.

  22. Kaj Hoffman

    I LOVE these boots! I have been looking for boots like this for years—solid good quality leather, zero drop, wide toe box, very good quality construction, and good looking. And they are COMFORTABLE!

    I ordered my Brannock size first at 9.5, but found them a bit short so went with the size 10.

    As others have said, I hope Jim Green offers more barefoot models! I would like to also have a heavier duty hiking/work boot with thicker soles, higher tops, and still zero drop and a wide toe box.

  23. hjhicks321

    I love these boots. These were my first Jim Greens and are definitely not the last. I’ve never worn a barefoot boot before so there was some initial foot fatigue but that has cleared up. More and more I find myself reaching for my barefoot African Rangers over boot two or even three times the price. The more I wear them, the more I truly love them. Jim Green has made a customer out of me for life.

  24. Sean (verified owner)

    I’m a Rose Anvil fan and order the boots. I could not be happier. I have worn the boots to work and hiking. The soles have worked great in snow and mud. The soles don’t get clogged with mud like other boots I have. I have very wide feet and have trouble finding boots. These are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned!!! I ordered both colors I love them so much

  25. Howard

    Great boot. I use them outdoors on the often rainy beaches in the Northwest USA as a beach ranger. I used Huber’s boot grease on them for water resistance. Not recommended to keep the patina and breathe ability, but it made them soft and fairly water resistant. I have another pair for casual use. With leather laces on them, they look good enough to be a dress shoe. I hope these boots are a success because these are the best wide toe box, zero drop boot out there.

  26. Mario Rojas

    The shoes I have been searching for the last 10 years and I have tried all kinds. I suffered from many foot pains and started going with barefoot shoes and then I found this shoe. Perfect in everyway, wide everywhere giving it enough room for the foot to be free like its suppose to. They are well built I have had much more expensive shoes that didnt even compare in half to what thios shoe offers. I do wish they make more options in the barefoot for example a little but of a higher boot like the razorback. This barefoot was probably just a trial but JIM GREEN keep making more they are working!

  27. Brandon

    This is my favorite shoe… ever. When I’m not barefoot, I’m in trail runners, never wear boots. Over the past decade, I’ve tried them all. Once I find a solid pair, the design gets changed, and the problem with every single pair has been weak materials. Vinyl, poly and mesh simply can’t last in a rugged terrain. I’m so excited to see how these wear. I have put serious miles in rocky terrain on these boots with zero sign of significant damage. Light weight, zero drop, a toe box that doesn’t rub or constrict… absolute perfection.

  28. Ryan

    These are fantastic! They are like a glove for your foot. The quality is by far the best attribute! These boots are no BS high quality. The zero drop heel has improved the health of my feet and the flat design has helped my arches regain strength. I will admit, the break in for MY feet was a tough week. The boots themselves don’t have a break in, but my feet had never been in a boot like these. These are a 10/10 in quality and build. Well worth the money.

  29. Josh (verified owner)

    I’m done giving these boots any more time to break in. The sizing on these boots are horrible for me. Keep in mind that your experience may vary to mine. Due to the boots not having wide sizing options, you have to size up if you have wide feet. I cannot go any smaller as the width is fine but I am assuming they are too long. I cannot wear these for more than 20 minutes without my heels getting tore up. I thought that maybe some break in was required but I have given them months of use with no improvement. All that being said, these boots are built really well. Which is why I am so disappointed. These are very heavy for barefoot which is why I would never backpack/hike long distances in them. But if they would have fit, these would have easily been my work around the house/yard boots. Probably would have been my go to daily shoes. Sole feels good, toe box feels good, and the leather is top notch. My only problem is the heel has waaaayyyy too much movement and makes them unwearable.

  30. Jason T. (verified owner)

    I’ve worn Jim Green velskoene for a number of years and got a pair of the original AR’s when they first came out, so obviously I’m a fan. I hesitated a bit about buying these barefoot AR’s, however, due to a history of plantar fasciitis. Turns out I was right to hesitate; I wore them for a few hours when they first arrived and developed a nasty tendonitis that took a week to clear up. Some Spenco orthotics (and a lot of Ibuprofen) seem to have fixed the problem, however. They’re breaking in nicely now, although I only wear them a few hours a day. The boots are typical Jim Green quality and I would not hesitate to recommend them even with this issue, which may be unique to me.

  31. Joe Tria (verified owner)

    Excellent quality.
    Excellent trail hiking ability.
    True to size.
    Very comfy toe box.

    Couldn’t get use to walking without a heel. After 15 measured miles of 50% asphalt and 50% trails (with my dog) my feet were screaming for heels. I brought these over to my cobbler and for $80 I now have the same type of heels the regular African Rangers have.

    My advice? If these are going to be your first pair of barefoot shoes, then buy the African Rangers with the heel. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain and ligament/tendon damage and your podiatrist would agree.

  32. Joey P.

    I ordered these after much research on YouTube and reading reviews. With the return policy I knew it was a risk free trail as long as I didn’t wear them outside. A little background on my feet: Left is 9, Right is 8.4. So I was hoping they wouldn’t slip in the right heel. I was could hardly wait for my package to arrive, when they did, only a few short days after ordering, super fast. I Definitely Love Their Customer Service, I strapped em on my feet, with only a pair of R.E I. merino wool light hiking socks, I wear these with all my foot wear except when I go snow camping. After tying them to my feet and walking around for I guess 5 mins, I decided to buy them and immediately went for a 5 miles hike through Granite, Sand, Dirt, Grass, Boulder Fields, Up Hill and Down Hills, My toes didn’t get smashed in toe box going downhill either, the heels didn’t slip going uphills. I was stoked to get home and the next day I went for a 9 mile hike same terrain. I waited a few days and went for a 15 mile hike, that was on a Friday, Monday I did the same 15 mile hike, when I got home, I was tired and all my muscles hurt. I showered, ate and slept for 3 hours woke up I was fine. Today I went for a 20 mile bike ride out to the lake, and around the river trail.
    These Boots are Truly 100% The Best On The Market. Place your foot in, Lace Up and Go, Go, Go! literally Zero Break-In Period for these amazing Boots, But for your calf muscles well, that’s a different story. Wearing these Barefoot Boots, You have to lift your heel, unlike wearing non barefooted style footwear, as they do it for you.
    Pros: plenty of toe room, Heel Locks Into Place Doesnt Slip, Tie the laces, that straps the boot to your foot. Knowing that the leather foot bed will shape to my feet is a very comforting feeling plus they can be resoled. Thats a Win. Win. Win. Win, across the board.
    Cons: None
    I Love These Boots!!! Do Yourself a Favor and Grab a Pair or Two!!!
    I had Purchased Houston Brown, I Am About To Order Houston Fudge and Houston Black!!
    Whether You’re Hiking, Biking, On A Date or just kicking it around the office, These are the Best Boots,
    One Last Thing, If you want beefy calves these will do the job. You walk different with these boots on. more natural. Your Confidence goes up, Waaaay Up!! You’re Body is more naturally aligned as there is no heal to lean you forward.
    Thank You, Jim Green and Weston for The Collaboration!!!

  33. Thomas Coletto

    The greatest pair of boots and shoes I’ve ever worn. They are incredibly comfortable! It’s so hard for me to find a good fit in shoes because I have wide feet, most times with companies I’ll need to order wide or double wide to get the right fit.

    I ordered my true size which is 12 and they fit absolutely perfectly!

  34. Thomas Coletto (verified owner)

    The greatest pair of boots and shoes I’ve ever worn. They are incredibly comfortable! It’s so hard for me to find a good fit in shoes because I have wide feet, most times with companies I’ll need to order wide or double wide to get the right fit.

    I ordered my true size which is 12 and they fit absolutely perfectly!

  35. Jack

    Love these!

    Personally I would prefer no speed hooks, though, as they can feel a bit tedious at times because the boots are quite short already.

  36. John Newman (verified owner)

    Love them. Fit and finish are perfect.
    been wearing flat shoes for awhile now and was looking for a boot that was ripe. I have the regular African Rangers in dark brown and they are my go to for working as an electrician. Wasn’t going to wear them for that but had to because I couldn’t find a decent pair of boots wide enough and comfortable enough to live up to my fat foot standards. Anyway those originals are snug as a bug in a rug. Shortly after I purchased them ol Jim came out with the flats. I was hoping this day would come for awhile now. I purchased the flats with a half size larger and as I slipped them on I heard an angelic choir, the clouds opened up and songs of heavenly saints praising the Lord. All the while a tear was released from a moment of relief as dopamine hit it’s receptors.

  37. Zach

    Overall a great barefoot rendition of the African Ranger. I love the all leather interior of the boot. The ground feel and the outsole. My biggest complaint is the sock liner. It peeled up on the corners immediately. I tried to glue it back down but it came back up giving me pretty nasty hot spots. I tore the sock liner out and have been loving them ever since. Bummer to have to modify them but they’re working great now.

  38. Dean (verified owner)

    Day 1: better than I imagined. It fits me absolutely perfectly. I will definitely be buying a few more pairs in the very near future. I’ll report back in a month!

  39. Mr.Balls57 (verified owner)

    A beautiful boot. The pictures online don’t really do the NuBuk justice. They are way nice in real life. I like the barefoot sole. Highly recommend these boots

  40. Brian

    For 10 years I have been wearing zero drop, wide toe box (but supportive) running and trail runner shoes for casual wear and hiking, and more recently minimalist oxfords and weight training shoes. After seeing the JG BAR videos, I thought they would be a good boot for working in our yard. It’s a fenced PNW west side 1 acre lot with 75% being 2nd growth native trees and thick underbrush on fairly flat but uneven ancient glacial moraine covered by a thin layer of soil that I cut – maintain trails through, and clean up deadfall. I also thought they’d be a good “around camp” recovery boot after a day of bushwhacking to fly fish high gradient streams, and rockhounding on steep rocky slopes that were ancient riverbeds where broken in old school all leather Euro alpine climbing boots provide me the best combination of support with ankle flexibility. The excellent leather, simple construction, including easily replaceable soles that quickly shed dirt, mud and debris, water repellency, instant break-in are all great. But I discovered that I needed more arch support. A pair of (discontinued) Sole Dean Karnazes heat moldable footbeds used in my climbing boots is providing the solution to the one and only issue I had with the BAR. Well Done!!

  41. Evan (verified owner)

    I am so pleased to finally have a pair of REAL zero drop work boots! Man, you guys knocked it out of the park with these.

    I’m 3 months in to wearing these EVERY day and have no regrets whatsoever. They are all-terrain rock stars, incredibly comfortable, easy to clean, don’t hold odor, and look good, too!

    For the first two months they served me well at my job in a lumber yard (mixed gravel, concrete, and mud) and for the last month have been protecting my feet on rooftops, in attics, and under crawl spaces as an HVAC Apprentice. I never want to own another type/brand of boots. Amazing value!

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