African Ranger – Buffalo Skin

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For every 10 pairs sold we donate a pair to a Ranger

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The Boot that Puts Boots onto Rangers

Each year hundreds of buffalo are removed from our local reserves for diseases and population control measures, with everything on the animal being utilized but the skin we decided something needed to be done.
We sent out a skinning and salting team into a conservancy (logistical nightmare) to gather and prepare these skins for our tannery.
These skins were purchased from the reserve, raising much needed funds for a by-product that would have been disposed of.
Not only do we raise funds for the reserve by purchasing the skins but we will also through the sale of the boots donate a bunch of boots to rangers in need through our Boots for Rangers Program.
A full circle process from start to finish.
50% of Rangers don’t have access to sufficient Boots and Gear and over 40% are required to purchase their own Boots.
With the future of our wilderness areas in the hands of those with boots on the ground Jim Green Footwear and The Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA) have come together to make sure this issue is addressed.
Inadequate gear for rangers leads to a low morale and effects rangers wellbeing. With Rangers being on the front line of our conservation areas a quality pair of boots is essential for everyday tasks
We put out a survey to Rangers from Across Africa and from that pulled together various focus points as to what is needed in the ultimate all round Ranger Boot. From that we give to you the African Ranger – A Boot Designed By Rangers For Rangers
Follow our journey through our social channels or contact us for further information.
  • NB: Due to the extreme conditions African Buffalo live in, the leather will vary from pair to pair, every boot will have a unique texture and look to it. The product images used show the difference between what you can get.
  • Longer break in period compared to the original leathers we use as African Buffalo skin is very tough and rugged
  • The boot is designed with 3 main focus areas: Comfort and Durability while at an Affordable price
  • The wedge sole is designed to grip while the softer rubber compound keeps the Ranger quiet when walking through the African bush
  • Toe, Heel and Eyelet area manufactured with a double layer of 2.2mm full grain leather for added durability
  • Heel and Toe stiffeners for added durability, support and protection
  • Soft leather collar and tongue for comfort and weight reduction
  • A steel shank between the insole board and sole offers extra support and stability
  • Heavy duty hooks and eyelets to secure feet
  • Insole is secured to the upper with a double stitched 2.2mm braided nylon cord
  • Can be resoled – Stitch down construction
  • Last: STC (This is a wide fit and offers a roomy and rounded toe box)
  • Sole: OR (This sole is designed for a combination of grip, comfort and speed. It is a genuine rubber and of a softer feel to provide comfort under foot)
  • Weight: 1.24 kg (Size 8)
  • Laces: 120 cm
The best way to preserve your Jim Greens is through regular and correct polishing. Water, heat and wear remove the natural oil from the leather, so when the tiny fibres dry out they become hard, brittle and break easily, thereby shorten the life of the leather.
For our leather boots we recommend any natural shoe polish found at your local store. For our suede options we suggest light brushing to remove dirt and a scotchguard for longer protection.
After a long day in wet conditions and you requiring your boots early the next morning, the worst possible solution is to artificially dry your boots. Leather fibres burn easily – especially when wet and therefore should never be left near a heater, placed in your oven or left in direct sunlight. For the best results, footwear should be dried out slowly and never subjected to any extreme heat. Should you work in constantly wet conditions, it is best to alternate between two or more pairs of our Jim Green boots.
We realise that buying footwear online is a daunting task and we are often asked to recommend a size by new Jim Green customers. If you happen to purchase a pair of Jim Green boots online and they do not fit, we will happily exchange them for you. If the measurements fall in-between the lengths provided, we do offer half sizes on certain styles. We can recommend a size but we can’t guarantee the fit.
Foot Length (Inch) US
9.65" 7
9.75" 7 ½
9.85" 8
10.125" 8 ½
10.24" 9
10.4375" 9 ½
10.63" 10
10.75" 10 ½
11.02" 11
11.125" 11 ½
11.42" 12
11.81" 13
12.20" 14
Reviews (33)

33 reviews for African Ranger – Buffalo Skin

  1. Kory G Leach (verified owner)

    I received my African Ranger Buffalo yesterday. I was pretty happy that they were not pristine examples of the Buffalo hide (there are some ridges and scars on the toe and heel caps) but the main body of the boots are clean leather. They have so much character! I wore them today and found them to be comfortable out of the box and quite pliable. I had concerns because they were touted as taking longer to break in. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case IMO. I’ll definitely be looking at other models you offer going forward!

  2. Jacob (verified owner)

    My buffalo skin boots just arrived today (May 25). I must say, very nice boots. The buffalo skin leather is thick and has lots of character. The quality control on these boots is really good. As for sizing, I ordered a 1/2 size larger than what I usually wear on my Redwings. These boots fit spot on for my wide feet. Recommend trying on a pair first if you have narrow feet. Overall, I already like these boots better than my older “brown” African Rangers. Nice upgrade, worth the price difference.

  3. Bob (verified owner)

    My boots arrived in the USA on may 25. They look great. The leather looks good , the variation in leather between the left and right boot is slight. Only variation I see is one cap toe is slightly lighter than the other.
    Definitely I nice looking boot. Can’t wait to take it on a hike

  4. Arlie Spargur (verified owner)

    I received my Buffalo Skin boots earlier this week and have been wearing them everyday since! They are very comfortable. I had not been sure of the success I would have since I have knee problems and have been wearing high arch boots from Flanks and Nicks to alleviate the pain in my knees. I was pleasantly surprised that the lower arch of the African Ranger boot is helping my knees as well! The roomier toe box is better for me than my Razorbacks which took a little while for me to break in. I am very impressed with the quality and value of the Jim Green footwear I have received this far. I pray the best for the company in the future. Not only do we the consumers receive a quality product, but there is employment for quality workers producing the footwear.

  5. David (verified owner)

    There’s not much more about the Ranger I can add that youtubers and Jim Green hasn’t already said about the Ranger in general, so I will just repeat a few of those things in an “I second that” kind of way. They are not heavy hikers (I have a nice pair of Alicos for that). They are not Uber-work boots (my Carolinas or my USMC summer boots depending on the season and task). But most importantly, they are not just a “out to the pub” boot. I have only had them for a couple of days, but I am looking forward to trail walking with these. Some of the trails around me are near rivers, so that wide wedge sole with a gentler tread pattern sole promises to be a little less damaging to the muddier bits.
    Jim Green has really filled a gap in the boot world with this one. Easy going, but tough. Comfy, not flimsy. I can re-sole it when it comes time.
    I found them to be TRUE TO SIZE and they accommodate my hobbit feet nicely.
    As for the African Buffalo leather? I am a fan. A bit of break in required around the toe-break where the tongue stitches in, but more easy going than I expected.
    I will be keeping the razorback in mind for a treat in the future.

  6. SL stein (verified owner)

    One word WOW
    Been wearing my buffalo rangers a couple of days now and am going to suggest them to my friends going on safari !!
    Mine rival or surpass a different brand of safari shoe/ boot and I can buy 2 pairs for the price of one of the other brand!

    A definitely awesome for a hunting or photography safari or work around the farm

  7. Jacob Schmidt (verified owner)

    I just received my Rangers on 5/25/2023,and honestly I have not stopped wearing them. I heard about these boots from Rose Anvil and I’m super happy to be supporting Jim Green, and all the African rangers! Super comfortable, very roomy, and they look amazing. Got the same size as my Redwings and not disappoint in fit at all. I have flat feet and these are the first boots I bought that I could wear for days without foot fatigue. I honestly feel like a broken record with how many times a day I bring these boots up, but I can’t stope raving about these boots! Next up a pair of shoellies I think lol Keep up the good work!

  8. Bachir Battache (verified owner)

    I recived my African Buffalo ranger boots 4 days ago and i am really happy with them, i love the scars and bugs marks on it, breaking is super quick as i live in hot weather i guess and they smell quality, all in all very happy and recommend to any good shoes lover out there in the bush or city center hhh. From the other tip of Africa, Thank you.

  9. Jim (verified owner)

    Got these on May 25th and I’m glad I waited to review them. I was ALMOST disappointed when I first got them. I found them stiff and uncomfortable and quickly got a hot spot/sore on my heel (note I don’t blame this on the boot but the gait I walk with, I have an odd step so an odd wear pattern on the shoe and my own body). After looking around online found some suggestions to help with this though the biggest thing that has helped is I did a round of leather relaxer and also conditioned the leather as well though it wasn’t dirty or worn at all but it has made a world of difference and I’m now in love with these boots and am looking forward to some casual hikes with my dog.

  10. Luigi Calcaterra (verified owner)

    The African Ranger Buffalo leather is wonderful, I own them also in the fudge. Very unique and in a class by them selfs. There is really nothing I can say but positive things. The fit , the feel, the look, there great. 5 pairs of Jim green boots and I love them all. My Razor Back boots are my every day work boot, and even though I am a utility worker in NYC and my company gives me boots every year. I choose Jim Green every day.

  11. Luigi Calcaterra (verified owner)

    The African Ranger Buffalo leather is wonderful, I own them also in the fudge. Very unique and in a class by them selfs. There is really nothing I can say but positive things. The fit , the feel, the look, there great. 5 pairs of Jim green , im a fan for life.

  12. Luigi Calcaterra (verified owner)

    The African Ranger Buffalo leather is wonderful, I own them also in the fudge. Very unique and in a class by them selfs. There is really nothing I can say but positive things. The fit , the feel, the look, there great.

  13. Luigi Calcaterra (verified owner)

    The African Ranger Buffalo leather is wonderful. Very unique and in a class by them selfs. There is really nothing I can say but positive things. The fit , the feel, the look, there great.

  14. Mike (verified owner)

    Love the look of mine. Breaking them in is slow for me because the particular way my left boot creases takes my big toe(between first two knuckles) to pain town in about 12 steps. I’m newer to boots so I just slipped in a piece of leather over that spot for some protection.

  15. Jacob Goodrich (verified owner)

    I received my Buffalo Rangers a few months ago. I was a little nervous pre ordering them. I have never done that before. But Jim Green was always quick to email me back when I had questions about their whereabouts. The customer service is so great! When I finally got them, I was super excited. I threw them on and went straight for a nice walk, to break them in. They are a little stiff at first and that’s to be expected. But when they break in, they feel amazing. I’m so happy with them and I’m happy that I can give my Crazy Horse Rangers a break. So far, these boots have been through thick brush, thorns, sticks, mud and rock. Easy to clean and care for. hardly any stretches on them, which blows my mind. Very nice boots and worth the wait!

  16. Nick Hancock (verified owner)

    I received my buffalo skin African Rangers one month ago and have worn them almost daily since. This is my second pair of Jim Greens and I can’t say enough good things about them. Customer service was quick to respond when I emailed them a question about sizing. Per their advice I ordered a half size smaller than my Razorbacks due to the Ranger’s roomier last and toe box and they fit perfectly. The buffalo leather is very tough so be ready for some serious break in time. It took a week and over a dozen miles walked before mine were really broken in but now they are the most comfortable pair of boots I own. They will probably outlast me. The one improvement I would suggest is to offer an oil/slip resistant outsole. I work in a shop and the wedge soles tend to slip on wet or oily surfaces. This would make them the perfect work boots. They are already the perfect outdoor boots.

  17. Larry (verified owner)

    These are very nice. As others have said the texture is really cool and matched well. I add Buffalo Wool 4 mm insoles to add some insulation but I could not be happier. Only thing would be, I have a wide foot and they fit great. A narrow foot may have issues. The Buffalo hide is stiffer than the other materials but the break in was only one day. My other Rangers required no break in.

  18. Christopher Cable-Cheval (verified owner)

    Custom Legacy Buffalo African Ranger Boots

    Whether trail, safari or just plain urban safari (concrete jungle-packed trail) these Jim Green Custom legacy Buffalo leather African Ranger boots are the real deal. Hand made by a unique team of people and shipped all the way from South African these NOT so spendy leather boots (garrison style) will put a smile on your face and your feet. The feet smiling comes after a break in period due to the very thick African Buffalo leather that ensures very long wear along with a toughness one usually won’t find at this lower price-point. You can let them patina to a custom to you look or drench them in oils or beeswax/lanolin like I did. They ship worldwide and at a very reasonable price. Yes, even as little as they cost, these boots a re re-craft-able and have been known to last 20-25 years even when in constant use. They will need a re-souling or two along the way depending on just how tough you are on them.

    They aren’t always available so keep an eye out for these custom legacy Ranger boots. You can also contact the company and ask to be put on a waiting list to be notified when they become available again but JUMP on them when they do since they are highly desired and becoming more popular by the week. Contact: [email protected]

  19. Sebastian

    Hi. Greetings from Germany. I have ordered this African Ranger boot with buffalo skin. And after 2 weeks of wearing them I have to admit I love them. My pair is a more smooth one and that’s cool. I have a big shoe collection even a lot of handmade boots. But these are really good. And there is more to order for me. Cheers. Sebastian

  20. David Nance (verified owner)

    I’ve had my African rangers with buffalo leather for several months now. My fashion conscious wife is not fond of the rounded toe, but I’ve never had shoes this comfortable. I’ve unknowingly been forcing my feet into D width shoes and boots that squeeze my feet and toes. These EE width booths are wonderfully spacious from the foot ball forward but snug going back to the heel. The buffalo leather is beautifully imperfect and very sturdy, but it didn’t require more than a two-mile walk, in the heat and humidity of a New Orleans summer, to soften it up. The only blister I got was from the rough-out leather in the heel cup, but some cheap, stick-on, leather heel pads completely solved that issue. I recently wore them every day, all day with alpaca wool socks for a 9-day trip to Greece in the August heat averaging 10 miles walking a day in and outside cities. I can’t imagine better boots for city walking and light hiking. You’ll feel lumpy stones through the wedge sole, but you’d need a lug sole for that type of terrain anyway. They are heavier than trainers, but I never noticed their weight and think the support they provide was much better for my comfort. These boots convinced me to toss my urban trainers. I’ll take form over fashion every time, although I did change to brown laces in a concession to my wife’s immaculate fashion sense. We’re very fond of South Africa, having made several trips driving and hiking around, and also want to support the tough and dangerous work of the rangers.

  21. Colin Ward (verified owner)

    I’ve owned and been wearing these buffalo skin rangers for a little under a week now along with my very well worn in fudge colored regular African rangers and they fit exactly like they should and feel of an even higher quality than the original african rangers. Some reviews of people saying these are a much stiffer leather is very much true, but in my experience stiff leather boots that take a while to break in last a whole lot longer. If you’ve ever broke in a brand new pair of red wings than you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re in for. Mine still have a ways to go for break in but with the wide toe box and the wedge sole, it’s not as grueling of a process. The grain on the toe and heel caps are very unique and stand out from run of the mill boots. If you can handle a bit of a break in, these are incredibly high quality boots and in some cases less than half the price of comparable boots from other companies with a very unique leather. Love Jim Green boots and look forward for many years of wear.

  22. jason vonkriegenbergh (verified owner)

    I spent most of my adult life in boots; some I liked and others that I just tolerated. I just received these today and the sizing was quite accurate; a half size less than I wear and a perfect fit right of the box. I’m more than happy with my first pair of Jim Green’s and look forward to my AR zero drop’s. I’d love to tour the factory next year if possible.

  23. Neil Rudnick (verified owner)

    Boots arrived just now. They look and feel great!
    I am a size 11 regular width (4″) – low volume foot. I was concerned that the Jim Green last would be a too wide. They fit fine, and even better when I inserted a OTC orthotic.
    I take a size 11 Danner- so I would say Jim Green is true to size. No hot spots, and the leather was much more pliable than I expected.
    These will be my daily drivers and will see hard use. Looking forward to breaking them in and enjoying them for years.
    Nice work JG.

  24. Lauren (verified owner)

    I got a pair of the African Ranger Buffalo hide boots for my husband and I. They are fantastic! The construction is wonderful, heavy duty stitching, the Buffalo hide looks so sharp and overall serious attention to detail in this boot is unmatched. I found them true to size and ordered the same size I do in Danner work boots, CAT, Keen, etc.
    The insoles fit great and they are out of the box comfy. As with all leather boots there is a break in period, I found this to be just a few short days of light walking doing chores and going to work, they are nowhere near as hard to break in as my Danner boots were.
    The width on these boots is wonderful, these are hands down the best shaped leather boots I have ever purchased, they provide a very roomy footbox that can accommodate my thick wool work socks and still allow my toes to spread and have room.
    They are extremely quiet and I personally love this style. I plan on using them for everyday boots, work, and hiking/hunting, rare that you find 1 boot that will perform so well in so many different activities.
    As a leather lover and appreciator of high quality products, the fact that these can be resoled are one of the many reasons I am now a customer for life.
    If you just found Jim Green and are window shopping, just do yourself a favor and get a pair!

  25. Brogan (verified owner)

    These are my first pair of Jim Greens, and I fell in love immediately. The buffalo leather took time to break in, especially near the toe crease, but once broken in they are extremely comfortable. I have high arches, so I replaced the insole right away. These boots wear like a high top sneaker while feeling substantial like a boot. Other reviews have called them ugly based on the wide toe box, but I couldn’t disagree more. These boots have a rugged look, and while they look a bit bulbous when looking down at your feet, they look like a very normally proportioned boot in the mirror. Wearing a shoe with a narrow toe box is now very strange feeling! I loved my buffalo rangers so much that within 2 weeks of owning them, I already ordered two more pairs. I ordered a pair in black for my kitchen work, and resoling them with a non-slip sole at the local cobbler was very easy! I couldn’t be happier with my Jim Greens.

  26. A.P.

    my boots shipped very fast. they fit great and are comfortable even before the break-in.
    the buffalo leather has a lot of character, they’ll look great when they patina.
    quality of materials and craftsmanship are fantastic, and are on par with US manufactured boots. these definitely wont be the last pair of jim green boots i buy.

  27. Tom Shumate (verified owner)

    My buffalo rangers arrived today (only 4 days after ordering!!) as I was walking out the door. I could not wait to try them out so I took off my Duckfeet and went out with the rangers on. Fit was perfect, no real break in is required. My ankles are not used to the rubbing where the padding is but that will be taken care of with some more walking. They are beautifully ugly, I’ll wear them anywhere with pride. Thanks for a quality product.

  28. Malcolm Matusky (verified owner)

    My second pair of AR low cut, I also have the Razorbacks which are my favorite for hiking. The Buffalo is stunning with a lot of character, this leather should be a permanent offering from JG. These are stiffer than my “Fudge” version which I bought over a year ago and are taking a bit more time to break in, the insole is upgraded over my old one and I’ll be keeping it for a while. I use these boots for my daily 3+ mile walks on concrete as the soft sole is a huge benefit to my knees. I prefer to wear wool hiking socks so the uninsulated boots are perfect. I have my Razorbacks for the trail and here in central Arizona all the trails are covered with fist sized rocks so having a stiff sole is important to me. The wider fit is what lead me to JG and now have three pairs of boots which fit and perform well. Highly recommended!

  29. Isaac (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this product. Excellent, very tough boot. Ive put it through conditions that have disintegrated my previous irish setter boots and these remain perfectly intact. Pretty brutal break in period which spans a few weeks but after its done they are incredibly comfortable; these do have a little arch support.

    The enjoy the sole a lot; soft, durable, keeps you from slipping, doesnt hold onto mud. The bumps are actually the only part of the sole that touches the ground (provided you’re on a flat surface), making for some very quiet footsteps and doing a good job of not tracking too much mud indoors.

    Typically I am a size 10.5 D, I ordered these in my size and they are ever so slightly too big, but usable if I put on very thick socks. If you are a D width I’d recommend going half a size down on JG last boots if you dont want to layer socks or wear thick ones, which would be understandable given that these are a hot weather boot.

    One gripe some people may have with these is the noticable “clown shoe” esc shape these boots have to accommodate the wide toebox. In my experience, people do in fact notice it and comment on it, especially coworkers. This is of course not an issue if you simply don’t care what people think, but if you do, it is something to consider.

    I am grateful to Jim Green for making such a well thought out quality line of footwear at the prices they do, very wonderful company!

  30. Matt

    I was so happy with the Crazy Horse Rangers I got a pair of Cape Buffalo Skin pre-sale, after watching Garreth on Rose Anvil explaining the laborious process to harvest and preserve the hide before the tannery. I have an active lifestyle and often hike and explore, so I beat boots pretty heavily. After wearing these for nearly a year, I am nothing but happy with the way these things have held up with nearly everyday use (other days are Crazy Horse leathers). The natural rugged look of this Buffalo leather has gotten nothing but compliments. After a little insole swap, the Rangers are the most comfortable boots I own. Cool boot with a cool story. Keep it up.

  31. Mark Wasiewicz (verified owner)

    The Jim Green African Ranger boots with buffalo skin are wonderful. I can’t describe how sharp the buffalo skin looks and feels. I’m so pleased I upgraded to this option. For me I’ve found the boots fits true to size. The boots are very comfortable and look great, receiving compliments from others. I can’t see why I will not be enjoying the boots for many years to come. The ordering process was easy and the boots were shipped very timely. I ordered them on a Monday and I received the boots on Wednesday. Overall I was very happy with the quality and value of the boots, customer service, and quick processing. I’m looking forward to ordering another Jim Green boot at some time in the future.

  32. Thomas Argent (verified owner)

    Very happy with my buffalo skin African Rangers, which I’ve had for about a month. Jim Green’s sizing advice (to go with your straight Brannock size) is pretty good. As the Ranger is fairly wide, however, some people may want to go a half-size down; that said, I didn’t, and I’m happy with the fit. Because the toe box is quite wide, the Ranger does have a somewhat clownish look, but that’s okay, too, as my toes appreciate the space. Photos of the buffalo version of the Ranger accurately portray the hide variation in my boots, including some imperfections.

  33. Michael (verified owner)

    cool boots. definitely has a story. they salted out wicked bad after they got drenched. I ended up treating them, but treated they look more similar to regular leather and lost a little of what made them so cool in the first place. a little disappointed, but not turned off the Jim Green brand. make the Numzam in rough out leather(hopefully buffalo) with the Frog soles and I will buy another pair of JGs.

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