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The Boot that Puts Boots onto Rangers

50% of Rangers don’t have access to sufficient Boots and Gear and over 40% are required to purchase their own Boots.
With the future of our wilderness areas in the hands of those with boots on the ground Jim Green Footwear and The Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA) have come together to make sure this issue is addressed.
Inadequate gear for rangers leads to a low morale and effects rangers wellbeing. With Rangers being on the front line of our conservation areas a quality pair of boots is essential for everyday tasks
We put out a survey to Rangers from Across Africa and from that pulled together various focus points as to what is needed in the ultimate all round Ranger Boot. From that we give to you the African Ranger – A Boot Designed By Rangers For Rangers
Follow our journey through our social channels or contact us for further information.
  • The boot is designed with 3 main focus areas: Comfort and Durability while at an Affordable price
  • The wedge sole is designed to grip while the softer rubber compound keeps the Ranger quiet when walking through the African bush
  • Toe, Heel and Eyelet area manufactured with a double layer of 2.2mm full grain leather for added durability
  • Heel and Toe stiffeners for added durability, support and protection
  • Soft leather collar and tongue for comfort and weight reduction
  • A steel shank between the insole board and sole offers extra support and stability
  • Heavy duty hooks and eyelets to secure feet
  • Insole is secured to the upper with a double stitched 2.2mm braided nylon cord
  • Can be resoled – Stitch down construction
  • Last: STC (This is a wide fit and offers a roomy and rounded toe box)
  • Sole: OR (This sole is designed for a combination of grip, comfort and speed. It is a genuine rubber and of a softer feel to provide comfort under foot)
  • Weight: 1.24 kg (Size 8)
  • Laces: 120 cm
The best way to preserve your Jim Greens is through regular and correct polishing. Water, heat and wear remove the natural oil from the leather, so when the tiny fibres dry out they become hard, brittle and break easily, thereby shorten the life of the leather.
For our leather boots we recommend any natural shoe polish found at your local store. For our suede options we suggest light brushing to remove dirt and a scotchguard for longer protection.
After a long day in wet conditions and you requiring your boots early the next morning, the worst possible solution is to artificially dry your boots. Leather fibres burn easily – especially when wet and therefore should never be left near a heater, placed in your oven or left in direct sunlight. For the best results, footwear should be dried out slowly and never subjected to any extreme heat. Should you work in constantly wet conditions, it is best to alternate between two or more pairs of our Jim Green boots.
We realise that buying footwear online is a daunting task and we are often asked to recommend a size by new Jim Green customers. If you happen to purchase a pair of Jim Green boots online and they do not fit, we will happily exchange them for you. If the measurements fall in-between the lengths provided, we do offer half sizes on certain styles. We can recommend a size but we can’t guarantee the fit.
Foot Length (Inch) US
9.65" 7
9.75" 7 ½
9.85" 8
10.125" 8 ½
10.24" 9
10.4375" 9 ½
10.63" 10
10.75" 10 ½
11.02" 11
11.125" 11 ½
11.42" 12
11.81" 13
12.20" 14
Reviews (33)

33 reviews for African Ranger – Brown

  1. Aaron Harker (verified owner)

    Love mine! The leather is thick and supple, it’s got a great hand feel. So far there’s been no break-in period, these are incredibly comfortable. You can’t find a better value for this price.

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    This is my first pair of Jim Green’s and I love the boots so far. Very comfortable out of the box with minimal break-in. The leather is soft and looks really nice and the overall construction is top-notch. I love the wide toe-box on these boots, my toes don’t feel cramped and you get plenty of feel through the soles without it being uncomfortable. I gave them a coat of beeswax before wearing them out in the snowy conditions and they took it very well, water beads right off and no salt staining. I have been very impressed in the short time I have had these boots. Time will tell, but I think I might be a Jim Green customer for life.


    I bought a size 11 which is what I wear in most of my other boots (mainly Danner’s) and I would say that these are about a 1/4 size bigger. Not enough for me to size down, but something worth noting.

  3. Avery (verified owner)


    I have 2 pairs of the razors and a pair of vellies.
    These fit me like the vellies size 12, plenty of toe room .
    In the razors I wear a 12 1/2 in case anyone is wondering about size.

    I had to exchange these and it was an immediate exchange and refund! Love this brand.

  4. Jason

    I pre ordered these boots. I’m so picky about my boots, it borders on obsessive. I bought 5 different pairs in the last 4 months only to return them all. Goldilocks, I know. This style is on point. I get compliments every day since they arrived. Ive been wearing Rossi work boots for several years for their comfort, easy on-off and bulletproof quality. No ankle support though. I’m a plumber, I need solid, comfortable boots. I tried redwings, but they’re too heavy and clunky. I tried Keens, but they’re too soft and cheaply made. These boots showed up and fit wonderfully right out of the box. Most comfortable boots I own, period. If these boots last half as long as they seem like they will, I’ll be very happy. The wide toe box lets my feet totally spread out for all day comfort. I will now be wearing Jim Green boots. Going to order another pair now. You never know. I wear a size 11 running shoe. Size 11 Jim Green.

  5. Tony (verified owner)

    Great pair of boots. Lightweight and but still feel like work horses. I definitely think they’ll quickly become a favorite especially once good and broken in. Can’t go wrong and folks at Jim Green are great to deal with.

  6. Devin (verified owner)

    Excellent boots. Super comfortable right out of the box. And those side panels of leather are… Dare I say… Decadent. Thick leather throughout except for the gusseted tongue. I like how the heel stiffener is actually behind the leather upper with another piece of leather on top of it. This method makes it so a heel counter isn’t needed. The toe area is a true double layer of leather not just stitched to look like it. These boots are it. I like the wedge sole more than I thought. These are going to be high mileage stompers for sure. I thought the toes seemed a bit clowny in view while wearing them but that’s really due to the wide toe box and double layered toe cap. From profile they’re verrry handsome. I appreciate the padded collar. They’re unlined and have that delicious leather smell. I’m blown away by how great these are. From profile they remind me of the Danner 917 shoes. Not throwing shade but these are better as they’re resoleable, use thick pieces of leather, and a much more attainable price point. I went back and forth deciding between these and the fudge crazy horse color but I couldn’t be happier with my selection. These are absolutely it. Happy to help out those Rangers too.

  7. rick (verified owner)

    I live in USA .
    I just received my Africa Ranger boots . Took only days to be at my door step
    These boots are super nice . The leather felt it was condition , but I always apply Bick4 leather conditioner before wearing. The inserts I’m funny about . I don’t like there inserts but I don’t like any Shoe or boot inserts from manufacturer. I have custom inserts I use . Very comfy with my inserts
    The fit was dead on for me. I order 10 1/2 us
    I normally wear Redwings 10 , 10 1/2 and 11 depends of which style of redwings I get
    The build of these boots are top of the game
    I’m going break these in over next week
    I rate these 10 .

  8. Scott Long (verified owner)

    These boots are incredible! I got these for the sole purpose of casual wear. I’m a boot guy so I wear cowboy (Ariat & Tecova), and hiking (Asolo, and Lowa).

    Break-in period for me was about 30 minutes of walking around. Sizing is odd, I find the African Rangers run about a quarter to half size bigger. Nearly every pair of boots I own were professionally fitted and range from US mens 9-10. I purchased a 9.5 and they were to big, exchanged for a 9 and they fit perfectly.

    The quality is astonishing and looking forward to them aging. My wife and coworkers say they are the quietest boots I own. I typically wear cowboy boots to the office but since I bought these Rangers, that’s all I’ve been wearing.

  9. Pete (verified owner)

    No real break in, they were comfortable out of the box. Originally ordered an 11 my normal size I had to send them back for a 10 1/2 excellent fit. No problem sending them back and getting the right size. Customer service was great. I’ll definitely be a return customer to Jim Green.

  10. Levi (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my African Rangers. 3 months of wear ranging from casual to hiking to landscaping and firewood and they are always up to the task. Great craftsmanship and build quality. Roomy fit with minimal to no break in. I genuinely look forward to putting them on and would highly recommend them.

  11. Nathan

    Got these and the Razorbacks in US size 10, fit perfectly and the break in was not too bad for me just wore thick, wool socks. They look great, feel great and they have been holding up very well to hiking, hunting and work. Would definitely recommend.

  12. Nathan

    Fantastic boots, these and the Razorbacks. Only took a few days to break them in. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a pair of excellent, affordable leather boots.

  13. Corey MacNeil (verified owner)

    Incredibly comfortable under foot. The wide toe box is nice as well. I found them to be a little loose when I where really thin socks but if you wear a nice mid weight sick they fit very nicely. I wear these as an alternative to my Razorbacks and so far they are holding up really well. I also found them to be near silent when walking so don’t be surprised when you accidentally scare people when walking up to them

  14. seth

    I received these some months ago. I have since worn these in some very rugged and steep terrain all with the original insole. After nearly 50 miles in them, I did add a Dr. Scholl insole and the boots are even better.

    I like the tongue and how it keeps dirt, seeds and more out.

    I treated the leather and clean them after each rugged use. Before treating the leather, I did stand in a stream for about 30 minutes while doing trail maintenance. They got soaked and muddy but they are fine.

    The toe box is wide and is reinforced. The wide toe box does look a little odd while wearing them and when looking down at them but no one has said a thing. The wide toe box gives my toes lots of room especially when descending very steep slopes.

  15. Colin (verified owner)

    The leather on the brown version is very soft, and prone to tearing. Tore a gouge in the toe of mine the first day wearing them out. Otherwise, not bad. Wouldn’t recommend for work. Maybe the crazy horse version. But mine didn’t stand up to it.

  16. Alex Drouin (verified owner)

    Fantastic boots. Comfortable right out of the BOX! Got these in brown and within a day was walking 4-5 miles a day. Just wearing Darn Duf socks and absolutely no hot spots at all. I have put these through a few hard days already and they are seriously quality made. Thanks to Rose Anvil for showing me his breakdown on them, otherwise I probably would never have run across them. Jim Green fan for life and already looking for my next pair. If you want a high quality boot that looks pretty amazing, these are definitely for you.

  17. Matthew Schafer (verified owner)

    Just received my boots and all I can say is I wish I new of these boots years ago. Really very comfortable. Slight tear on one of the boot tounge but I can live with it. Thank you.

  18. Darrell (verified owner)

    I finally got to wear these out while camping/ hunting. I walked close to 10 miles over the weekend and I only took them off to go to sleep. When I got home i went to the grocery store with my wife and they were just as comfortable out on the trail as they were in the store. I absolutely love these boots. No insoles needed for me.

    I’m a trail runner too so I’ve come to appreciate a wide toe box and these boots do the wide toe box better than most.

    I was a little disappointed that they weren’t even water resistant in wet grass. I put a little Odies Oil on them and that made them water resistant. Also, the sole is not great for traction when it’s wet.

    All in all I love the boots and I’m happy with my purchase.

  19. Tyler Basch (verified owner)

    Have had a pair of these for a few months now, absolutely love them. Incredibly comfortable, took no time to break them in. I have worn these for work, hiking, hunting, they do it all. Best boot’s I’ve ever owned, will definitely be buying another pair.

  20. Carson Howe (verified owner)

    Great boots just got them today started the break in around the house and couldn’t be happier the only thing I noticed is the edge of the sole is “painted” which I’m figuring was for some water resistance but was not in the picture. Nothing a light sanding can’t fix all in all I’m very impressed with the construction simple and functional the way boots should be I’ll be ordering more Jim green boots the wide toe box is fantastic for my block feet

  21. David Jones

    Received my Jim Green Rangers a few days ago. These babies were comfortable right out of the box. I wear a size 11 and ordered a size 11, perfect fit. These boots are built like a tank and are built to last. I will definitely buy these again

  22. Gary B George

    I like these boots but find them very wide. I could never sidehill in these. I wish that they made a medium width. Quality is great.

  23. Daiki Henderson (verified owner)

    At the time of writing I’ve had these boots for about a month and have worn them for over 64 km (about 40 miles), I received these boots with a few mainly cosmetic defects and emailed the company when I realized since I didn’t really want to go through the hassle of a full return for boots that I was and still am confident will still hold up for a while. They answered in less than 24 hours and offered a 25% discount, which showed me just how much they care about their customers and their products. They have been holding up very well for both my work use and my constant hikes in both NYC and nature trails. I am very satisfied with not only the boots and how comfortable and durable they are (the repairability is definitely a plus since the sole is about the same softness as a sneaker sole which usually means that my shoes last me only about a year if not less not because of any failures in the uppers but the soles wearing through because of my lifestyle), but also with the customer service I received. A good company with good values and good products.

  24. Grant Langley (verified owner)

    Incredible. Took these out of the box and knew they were just what I wanted. I was looking for a well made and versatile shoe/boot with a wide toe and (semi) flexible sole that I could wear to church and do some work in. I wear a 9.5/10 and kept the 9.5 due to the toe room.

  25. Brian (verified owner)

    I bought these brown African Rangers several months ago in a size 10 D as that is my Brannock size. The toe box is roomy, which I love, but as my foot is not a high volume foot, the boot felt a bit too roomy in the rest of the boot. Haven’t worn them a ton, felt I was swimming in them a bit. Hard to walk long ways in them. Just the other day I decided to put an insole I had lying around into these boots. Dr. Scholls I think, one of those hard heel versions that tapers into a thin foam in the toe area but it kinda tall in the heel. I had been wishing I had ordered a 9.5, but after wearing them a bit I knew I could not return and was a bit sad about it because the boots have great positives. The insole did the trick. Still roomy in the toe box but the extra volume from the toe box back to the heel was used up by the insole. Now they are extremely comfortable and I can’t take them off. These may become my daily boots. Highly recommend Jim Green boots if you can get the sizing right they are awesome and more than worth the cost.

  26. Tom Mylan (verified owner)

    To start: I am very happy with the quality and fit of the Ranger boot. I wear New Balance 574’s in 11 US and they were true to size.

    Break in has taken about 3 days of wearing them with the laces a little loose for 6-8 hours a day. If you have a taller/higher volume fore foot, looser laces are key.

    Many people have said the insoles are not great, but the current ones seem very decent and have a leather lining. I’m used to old school heavy leather euro mountaineering boots that often come with fiber insoles, so to me these are deluxe. If you are not a regular boot wearer with harder feet, your milage may vary.

    To me, these are like sneaker boots. They’re that comfortable, but will outlast most of the crap out there many times over. These are legit handmade things that will last the average person years if you are not a hard use case like a construction worker or tradesman.

    As a hunter, I like that they are quiet and give a decent feel for the ground so you can avoid larger twigs that may snap and give you away. That said, they are Fall/Spring/Summer boots. If there is snow on the ground, they will not work unless you’re a hard bastard if you are leaning against a tree for hours waiting on a deer trail in low temps.

    Haven’t waxed them yet but I’m dubious on their waterproofing ability, which is fine, they’re not that king of boot.

    All in all, they’re light, quiet, comfortable and high quality for basically no money. I wish we could make this boot in the US but it isn’t available. I’ll be getting a pair of Razorbacks soon to replace my 25 year old Raichle Eigers soon.

  27. Virgal Bressner (verified owner)

    I got my JG African Rangers in December of last year and have worn them almost daily as work and casual wear boots. They are terrific! I am a 250lbs/113kg guy that walks a lot and these boots have held up like no other. To this day they look great, nearly new, and all I do to them is treat them every month or so with Huberd’s Shoe Grease and keep them generally clean. I highly recommend.

  28. Yuhki Schultz (verified owner)

    It’s been almost a year since I got these boots, and these have been an absolute joy to wear. I picked these up after hearing about them on YouTube.

    These boots were okay in comfort out of the box, but I needed something softer and bought a different insole for comfort and arch support (I recommend the 10 Seconds Motion Control insoles). The upper leather had minimal to no break in time at all, and it didn’t bother my feet working an 8 hour shift at my retail job the first day I wore them. Having to occasionally work outside at my job, it isn’t uncommon to get dings and scratches on my shoes, and the African Rangers handles dings and scratches with ease.

    I always look forward to the days I wear these to work, because I know I can count on the African Rangers to get me through the day without any trouble.

  29. Izzy

    Phenomenal. That’s the first word that comes to mind. It is so rare now days to find the combination of comfort and durability on simple boots. First is the fit, they are wide, but so are Keen’s wide, but the Jim Greens are truly wide and your foot will be very happy in them, real space for your toes to move. There are no pinching areas, no exaggerated skinny arches that kill the wideness, and the wedge sole makes it easy on long walks. I wear mine mostly on gravel, dirt, mud, hard desert ground, forest undergrowth, etc. Used SnoSeal for waterproofing and a month later no problems. After some long hard uses, clean them up with saddle soap and they look like new. These fit so well for my feet that I also got the Razorbacks and Vellies. They fit similarly, the Rarzorbacks will be for the harsher terrain and winter work. If you have wide feet, do not hesitate, nothing fits like Jim Green’s out there. And if Santa is listening, the Buffalo Rangers would look great under my tree.

  30. Wouter

    I grew up barefoot – my mom had her days getting me to wear shoes to church…
    When Army-days came I fell in love with boots and my “struggle” began. Quite the selection of boots later I bought my first pair of Rangers and it felt like meeting an old friend!
    The wide toe-box gives your toes room to spread out and really help your balance.
    I love to tinker and have already changed the soles to an old pair of car-treads I used on my last pair of boots – this really helped traction in the European wet weather – yes the lasting used makes it really easy to change the soles of these boots!
    These boots are super comfortable and you need zero wear-in time: I literally flew to South Africa (CapeTown) bought a pair of rangers, put them on and scrapped my old boots, then continued on a two week tour wearing only my new Rangers – zero blisters!
    Oh Customer Service…Awesome! I enquired to have a custom pair made and was promptly helped and guided to what would be my best options.
    Go ahead, buy a pair, no regrets!

  31. Ian (verified owner)

    The boots looked great when they arrived. Price is definitely a heck of a deal for the construction of the boot. I purchased the brown African rangers in size 10. I could have sized down to a 9.5, but they were sold out in that color. The 10 still fits just right. I definitely will buy this product again or maybe the razorbacks in wedge sole.

  32. Eian (verified owner)

    Just received boots. Tried them on and fit very well. I was suprised how well these boots are constructed. Extremely impressed with every day they feel better and better. They look great too. The fit guide showed I should of ordered a 9.5 but I ordered my normal size 10 anyways and glad I did. A lot of people complained about how uncomfortable the stock insole is. I guess I’m not bothered by it. I’m glad I got them when I did before the price gets crazy.

  33. Brian

    I now own two pairs of these boots, one with the standard sole and steel toes for work and the other with the barefoot sole for everything else. I have a brannock size 11 medium volume foot and both pair fit perfectly right out of the box and required very little break-in. If you’re looking for a toe box with a ton of room to splay your toes you might not love these, but I think they are the perfect balance between room for your toes and a good secure fit for hiking/lots of walking. I average 8-10 hours a day on concrete floors at work and I have no foot or back pain with these.

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