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Tough as Africa – built to last

The Jim Green Razorback boot is inspired by Africa, designed to take on the daily outdoor and work challenges that come with the harsh terrain. Its double layer of leather upper combines with a pure rubber sole to give you superior stability, comfort and grip.
For over 30 years, the Jim Green Razorback has been the choice of South Africa’s’ safari lodges and outdoor enthusiast. Famous for its never say die attitude and respected for its durability. No other boot is more versatile, from mountain tops to factory floors, the Razorback is ready for any challenge.
Mile after mile, year after year, the Razorback, an old friend you can always count on to get you from here to there in rugged comfort.
  • Manufactured with a double layer of leather (2.2mm full grain leather, lined with 1.6mm calf leather)
  • Double layer of leather aids in the boots water resistant properties (not waterproof)
  • Ankle padding for excellent support, comfort and protection
  • Thermoplastic toe puff and a heel stiffener for extra support
  • A steel shank between the insole board and sole offers extra support and stability
  • Insole board is secured to the upper with a double stitched 2.2mm braided nylon cord
  • Sole is made from a genuine rubber
  • Can be resoled
  • Due to the double layer of leather the Razorback can tackle all kinds of terrain, making it ideal for the outdoor worker or hiker requiring that extra bit of toughness
  • Last: JG (This is a wide fit and offers a snugger feel all around)
  • Sole: JG (This sole is our lug option and is designed for grip. It is a genuine rubber and of a firm feel to provide stability under foot)
  • Weight: 1.56 kg (Size 8)
  • Laces: 175 cm
The best way to preserve your Jim Greens is through regular and correct polishing. Water, heat and wear remove the natural oil from the leather, so when the tiny fibres dry out they become hard, brittle and break easily, thereby shorten the life of the leather.
For our leather boots we recommend any natural shoe polish found at your local store. For our suede options we suggest light brushing to remove dirt and a scotchguard for longer protection.
After a long day in wet conditions and you requiring your boots early the next morning, the worst possible solution is to artificially dry your boots. Leather fibres burn easily – especially when wet and therefore should never be left near a heater, placed in your oven or left in direct sunlight. For the best results, footwear should be dried out slowly and never subjected to any extreme heat. Should you work in constantly wet conditions, it is best to alternate between two or more pairs of our Jim Green boots.
We realise that buying footwear online is a daunting task and we are often asked to recommend a size by new Jim Green customers. If you happen to purchase a pair of Jim Green boots online and they do not fit, we will happily exchange them for you. If the measurements fall in-between the lengths provided, we do offer half sizes on certain styles. We can recommend a size but we can’t guarantee the fit.
Foot Length (Inch) US
9.65" 7
9.75" 7 ½
9.85" 8
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10.24" 9
10.4375" 9 ½
10.63" 10
10.75" 10 ½
11.02" 11
11.125" 11 ½
11.42" 12
11.81" 13
12.20" 14
Reviews (54)

54 reviews for Razorback

  1. Petrus Claassen (verified owner)

    Received my boots today! Absolutely a solid pair of hiking boots, great quality and workmanship, fits perfectly.

  2. sean (Amazon customer)

    I bought these because I wanted a durable and resoleable alternative to most hiking boots on the market that don’t break the bank. They’re a little taller and heavier than a standard Merrell MOAB mid, but not by much. Toe box has enough space, and will probably be fine for when I switch to my heavier socks. Tongue and ankles are well padded as well, and should be comfortable for a long day. I plan to use these as a hiking and fieldwork boot along with some Jim Green Stockmans I purchased recently.

  3. Deb Harker (Amazon Review)

    I’ve had them for about a month and a half now and they’ve been put through the paces. I’d been looking for a pair of reliable work boots/hikers/shit kickers and seen Jim Green’s presence in this group so I figured I’d give them a shot. They just recently got distribution within the states so I was able to order a pair through Amazon.

    Price: $130 USD

    Sizing: True to size. The last these are built on is quite roomy in the toe portion.

    -Uniquely South African, eccentric branding/colors
    -Goodyear welted
    -Quality lug sole, very durable
    -Padded ankle and tongue, the reinforcement makes them very easy to slip on and off- very comfortable to walk in because of the padding
    -Leather lined, yellow calf lining in ankle portion
    -Strong eyelets and speed hooks, I wasn’t able to get them to bend by hand
    -Celastic toe- steel toe versions also available
    -Decent full grain leather, not Red Wing quality but good considering the price point.
    -Minimal break-in required, as soon as I got them I was able to put them on and go to work

    -Creasing along welt- this may be due to the custom orthotics I have inside of them, however.
    -Prominent grain break on the vamp of the right boot
    -***Stock insole is low quality, I immediately swapped them out for some custom insoles instead.

    Verdict: Fantastic boots for the price. It’s always a good idea to temper your expectations if something seems too good to be true, but these boots were a nice surprise. To the best of my knowledge the creasing/grain break could just be an issue with my pair, but ultimately it’s a non-issue for me- I bought these to be work boots and hikers so I don’t expect them to be pretty anyway.

    ***As far as the insole is concerned, Jim Green actually reached out to me (I also posted this review on YouTube) to let me know that the next batch of boots heading stateside will have leather/poron inserts- this won’t change the price, either. Really cool to see them address criticism, good on them.***

    One last thing regarding the construction- the midsole isn’t leather, since it’s $130. I’m not sure what the material is but it’s flexible and seems to be pretty durable, so I doubt there will be any long-term issues.

  4. Miguel (Amazon Customer)

    I bought this boot following an online review, I had to wait a bit for my size (11) to be available but the wait was worth it. The boot fits as well as my other size 11 boots and having an all leather upper is a welcome feature since it allows the feet to breathe well and the perspiration to evaporate quicker.

    The break-in took about 15 miles and then the boots are comfortable, however the break-in was brutal. I developed a large blister on the back of the right heel as well as a small blister on the top of the right toe. I should mention that I believe if I had taken a more sedate approach doing short walks there would not have been blisters. Instead upon receipt of the boots I put them on and went out on a three mile (5 kilometers) urban walk about.

    I would recommend three changes although I realize the price is very likely to go up. These changes are: (1) Use leather for the footbed, (2) Delete the insole or include a higher quality one (my insole was flat at the 40 mile mark), and (3) Install an additional lace eyelet by the toes.

    Overall I am very satisfied with the boots and I have recommended it to my coworkers and friends.

  5. Bad Bob (Amazon Customer)

    It has become routine for me to expect new shoes to fail or have fatal design flaws making them unwearable. Whether this is due to global manufacturing standards and methods or other causes, it seems to be a problem in pricey labels and cheaper ones. A pair of new Merrells with the sole coming unstuck, Keens wearing out early, etc.

    Got a pair of ‘Vellies’ from Jim Green and was really impressed with fit and function. These Razorbacks are right in there also. Although my left pinky toe was stubbed really badly a couple of weeks ago, these cradle the tender spot smoothly.

    There are boots with thicker leather uppers or tougher soles (costing 2-3x as much), but I dare say, not better quality at this price. Only caveat, for me at any rate, is the need for an extra arch support under the supplied insole (which is excellent quality otherwise).

  6. Justus (Amazon Customer)

    I got my first pair of Jim Green’s when I was a teenager and they kept me going for many years on many hikes and adventures. Today, 15 years later I rediscovered the brand and purchased a pair of Razorbacks and what an absolute joy its been!

    There was no break in at all, just slip them on, tie and go! All around great boot that fitted me perfectly, providing amazing ankle support. There’s plenty of toe room at the top and great traction on trails and rocks.
    Build quality is top notch, I would say these are perfect for trekking days on end whether it be paths, rocky trails, or in mud, these handle all those conditions.

    Highly highly recommend getting a pair!!!

  7. Viking Wolf (Amazon Customer

    Nice deep teeth in the sole, great pliable leather uppers and a great classic bush look. Removable foot bed and very comfortable. Wore them around the house for a couple days then took them out into the mud and rocks of Pennsylvania. They did extremely well and had a great bite into the dirt and mud. You can’t beat the classic design and great attention to detail in these boots.

  8. John Reinders

    These boots are 100% worth it. They’ll get the job done and you just can’t beat quality at this price.

    I had been wanting some general work / hiking boots for a while. More specifically, I wanted a pair of boots that would last me years and when the time came I could get them resoled, but I didn’t want it to cost me an arm and a leg. While doing some research I started seeing Jim Green pop-up on a few Instagram pages I follow. Everything written about them was good, and the price point was hard to ignore so I purchased a pair.

    Bought these in a size US 12D, which is what I wear in basically much everything. They fit perfectly and are pretty comfortable. From what I understand, the company is looking at potentially upgrading their insole to leather, but what’s used now works just fine and if needed down the road I can just use an insert. The toe box is a bit roomy, but I like that – IMO nothing worse than cramped toes.

    -Overall impression-
    I’m super pleased with these. They fit great, meet my need and they really feel like they’ll last. It’s nice to be able to buy some quality footwear at this price point and know that it’ll get the job done AND you wont have to buy another pair a year later.

    -Random notes-
    Jim Green will replace the footbed and laces if doing a resole through them. I’m not sure what the cost is for doing a resole, especially shipping form the U.S., but I’m sure you could reach out to them and they’d let you know. On a related note, their customer service is amazing. I had asked several questions about the construction (stitch down if anyone was wondering) and materials used, and I received several timely and informative responses.

  9. Tucker (Amazon Customer)

    Great fit, double stitchdown construction, and an amazing price make for a really valuable boot. I am very happy with my Razorbacks and intend to pick up more Jim Greens asap!

  10. Peter Belford (Amazon Customer)

    I liked this product. I collect many boots and saw my favorite YouTube Rose Anvil give a quick review of one of their other boots and I wanted to give them a try. They are very high quality leather, full grain I believe, and are good for applications in uneven terrain. My feet feel well planted to the ground and I feel comfortable wearing them. Amazing product

  11. Sam Green (Amazon Customer)

    The build quality and fit and finish of these boots well exceeded my expectations. They seem to be hitting well above the 130 dollar price. They seem more like a 300 dollar boot. Can’t wait to see how these are after they’re broken in.

  12. Arroyo Cambell (Amazon Customer)

    bought a pair of these for work then i ended up buying another pair of Jim greens for hiking and casual wear because they’re so nice for the money. They also are super active on their social media’s and will answer any questions really quickly.

  13. Darren Drake (Amazon Customer)

    This is my second pair of Jim Greens. I have the stockman but wanted a pair of the razorbacks. The Razorback has the same high quality features as the stockman. It is a leather boot that is lined with leather. They are very comfortable and break in with minimal wear. The sole is very aggressive and made of rubber like most of their boots. You can’t go wrong with a set of Jim Greens. They are a high quality yet affordable boot backed by fantastic customer service.

  14. Cj Hodson

    Amazing quality! Kind of shoes I haven’t seen since my youth. The kind you resole a few times and use your entire lifetime, not the disposable shoes sold by most today. Tough, indestructible hiking boots!

  15. Steve Attwood (verified owner)

    I ordered and just received my Razorbacks. I ordered my usual size (10.5) but found the boots small and narrow. I need an E width and these just didn’t quite work. I’m trying to return them, so let’s see how that goes

  16. J. Lebbink

    I live in the Netherlands. I bought these boots on the 8th of November, they were delivered to me on the 16th. From South-Africa to the Netherlands, I feel that is some speedy delivery. The shoes look great in person and I paid 147 euro’s in total for the shoes, some extra insoles, transport and VAT.

    I won’t be wearing these shoes myself but will give them to my Cuban father in law. He can use some good shoe as he lives in country side. Maybe I will leave another review in a while once they have lived a there for some time.

  17. Raymond Robbins (verified owner)

    I’ve been eyeing the Razorbacks for some time now, but could never come up with a good enough excuse to buy them. Well, I just got a new job where I will be outside quite a bit, so I decided it was now or never. Shipping was speedy. Upon receiving the boots, I was very impressed with their quality. There are a few minor imperfections here and there, but its still a bargain at the price. After applying two coats of Obenauf’s lp, I’ve begun breaking them in. Not the funnest time, breaking in a new boot, but I imagine these will be very comfortable after a dozen miles or so. Depending on how these hold up in the long-run, Jim Green may have a lifetime customer. Just make sure not to change anything!

  18. LARRY W ROSS (verified owner)

    Purchased a pair of Razorbacks, could not be any happier. The customer service, the quality of the boot make for a great company and a great returning customer. I wear my Razorbacks all the time, I look at several other manufacturers, but for the price and the quality it was a no-brainer.

  19. Larry B (verified owner)

    Once Americans catch on to the level of quality Jim Green is putting out at the price they are selling their boots at I think both sides will see substantial gains all around. There is no other boot brand that compares in a quality per dollar value. For those who pay attention to the boot industry and know the build requirements and components that make quality footwear you almost have to buy Jim Greens. Sure you can complain about minor lacks of refinement here or there but again the boots people are comparing them to are nearly double the price and in many ways Jim Greens have the same or superior materials being used. Absolute must buy I
    IMO. My only wish is if I could find an American boot maker doing this but sadly there are none at this price point.

  20. Wesley Best (verified owner)

    I only have a few hours in my boots so far but man, these are impressive. The build quality is great and the fit feels like they were built just for my foot.
    I look forward to wearing these boots.

  21. LARRY W ROSS (verified owner)

    Have a pairing day of the hiking boots. I can truly say I’m incredibly impressed with the quality in the fit. I’m a US client, their customer service is second to none and the quality of product is simply phenomenal. Could not be happier getting ready to buy a pair of tan.

  22. Ryan Brazie (verified owner)

    I love almost everything about them, almost. For the price they feel very very well made. I have wore almost every type of work boot you can imagine up to the 400$usd range and for the price these are spectacular. The only thing I do not like is the toe box. I have enough room length wise but the top portion of the toe box is too close to the top of my foot and it is pushing into my big toe quite badly. I’m hoping this will break in over time. Other than that, I love them.

  23. Andrew Humphrey (verified owner)

    My complaint has less to do with the feel of the boots and more in the quality control or lack there of and how the boots where shapes. First how they where shipped they came to me in a box that was far to big for the shoe box so when it was shipped the shoes box was through all over the inside of the shipping box damaging not only the shoe box but the the shoes themselves. Because when i open the shoe box all that was in there to either separate the shoes so the did not hit each other or to make sure they did not move around was i kid you not a little peace of tissue paper. So the shoes came to me with the sides bent almost in half. Now for the quilts control when i looked at the shoes there was missing rubber on the soles, the thread for the welt had lose parts in at least 2 or 3 places, to be honest it is so bad i wont be surprised if the first time it rains my feet get soaked and i have to replace the soles in a few months. And yes I understand these boots are not water proof but a Goodyear welted boot if done right is very very water resistant. Now I understand these boots are work boots and that they only cost around $140. So to a certain extent i am willing to forgive quilts control issues. However just because they are only $140 does not mean that they need to come to me with some of the worst quilt control i have ever seen and a be shipped in a box with no packaging to make sure they don’t move around, and they could have used something as simple as paper not that hard or expensive. All in all if these cost me anymore then they did i would send them back, however i will not be buying anything more from this company.

  24. Relebohile ntene

    Very good boots

  25. Aloysius Rhinebeck (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Jim Green razorback boots,and was first impressed with the quick turnaround time, received my order in about a week of payment. They looked very well made out of the box, nice fresh leather smell too. They were a little snug for the first few wearings,thought they were a half size too small at first, but after break in are like gloves for my feet..!
    I can spend the whole day at work in them no problem now. Think these would stack up against stuff twice or 3 times the price…
    Quite a deal for shoes that fit like they were made just for me !!
    Keep it up Jim Green

  26. Ryan (verified owner)

    Storage and climate seems to be an issue. 1/3 of the metal was rusted.

  27. Leonard B (verified owner)

    Just got my pair today and am quite impressed! Tried out the Alico Guide and the Eddie Bauer K-6 which are in the same price range and they don’t even come close to these for fit and quality. Time will tell but from the reviews and InterTube videos my guess is these are going to do the job for a long time to come.

  28. Ryan Glenn (verified owner)

    Got recommended to these online by Carl Murawski, boots are high quality and are comfortable out of the box and after a few weeks of work they seem to be holding up good. But the place Jim Green really shined is their customer service, I initially bought a size 11 and the fit was too tight in the left shoe and I exchanged them and got another pair in 3 days. Very pleased

  29. ryang0314 (verified owner)

    Got recommended to this company by Carl Murawski and after wearing for a few weeks at very pleased. The boots were comfortable out the box and perfect for work outside. The place Jim Green shines is their customer service, I had to exchange a pair because my left foot was a little to tight and had to exchange a pair. I got a different pair of 11.5s in a couple days with no hassle. Very Pleased.

  30. FELIPE RODARTE (verified owner)

    I have never been so impressed by such a value filled boot. The price is fantastic for the amount of quality that you get. I believe the break in period is different for everyone for me I felt it most in the heel area but nothing too bad. I worked in these boots an entire day in dry dusty conditions and they held up perfectly just dusted them off and got them ready for the next day. Fantastic boots for the price and I am looking forward to seeing and purchasing more products from Jim Green.

  31. Ernest Miller (verified owner)

    I am generally pleased with the razorback boots. The materials and build quality are very good. The only problem I’ve had a problem is with blisters on my heels. The cause is that the leather in the back of the inside of the heel is rough where it should be smooth, so that it tries to prevent the heel from moving up and down, thus causing a blister. I hope I have solved the problem by removing the nice leather insoles and putting in some from running shoes. These insoles have a heel cup that moves the heel slightly forward.

  32. Raymond Robbins (verified owner)

    Coming back for a 9 month update: these boots exceeded my expectations! I’ve been using them almost every day for work as a ranch hand at a donkey rescue. That entails stomping through muddy pens, driving the tractor, climbing over fences and hay bails, and pushing stubborn jackasses. These have held up beautifully through all of it. They’re my go-to work and hiking boot. All they need after a day of abuse is a scrub and a layer of obenaugh’s leather preserver and they’re ready to tackle a new adventure. My one gripe might be that the rubber sole is only glued to the midsole, and so over time the sole has started to come loose. Granted, that’s after nine months of solid work (including a freak blizzard and two castration sessions). I would prefer if Jim Green sewed the rubber sole to the midsole, as is done with some boots, but I can understand if they dont want to stray from their current design. Overall, you can’t find a better boot for the money. I’ve actually just bought a pair of the Stockmans to take over ranch duty, so I can use my Razorbacks soley for hiking and field work.

  33. Dimitri (verified owner)

    Endlessly comfortable. I love Jim greens last. I had worn boots that always push my toes together and end up being uncomfortable, plus super plush which I discovered gives me like knee pain after long day out.

    The sole of these is firm and gives you awesome stability. If you need arch support you should add an insert

  34. SB (verified owner)

    This is based on about 2 months of wearing these boots 3-4 times a week. These boots are sturdy and tank like. I’ve never had boots that fit as well as these. That being said, the insoles are lacking a bit. I think I’ve cracked the code by wearing thick socks. That has improved the lack of thick insoles and made the boots that much more comfortable. The value of this brand constantly impresses me.
    I will say that the one time I wore thinner socks, they were uncomfortable. I did add my inserts from Danner Arcadia boots, but that more for my arches than for comfort. All around a good boot, and remains a stupid good value.

  35. Harley (verified owner)

    Had my pair for a little over a year now and I’d definitely say they’re one of the best boots you can get for the price essentially a pair of $200+ boots for $150.
    Good quality leather outer as well as good leather interior as opposed to polyester, or fabric like most other boots in this price range thick soul with deep lugs great for maintaining traction on hiking trails and a sturdy shank great for if you need to climb a ladder or something like that.
    If I had to pick a complaint it be that the lugs work a little too well like they’ll always track in mud and snow, so if you live in a northern climate just keep that in mind, but overall exceptional boots especially for the price.

  36. Jason Hall (verified owner)

    These Razorbacks have been nothing shy of awesome, they’re so great I picked up a second pair to wear to work. So now I have a pair for hiking and adventure as well as a work pair.

    I’d recommend wearing thick socks during break-in and wear for short walks before going on any long adventures to start. The boots will conform to your feet once you pit some miles on them. Just don’t try to go for a mile hike right outta the box.

    The leather and materials are much higher quality than most big name brands and the craftsmanship is excellent! Very happy to have Jim Green’s boots to keep me my feet protected and moving forward. The goodyear welt construction assures me the soles will stay intact as the boots age. Love the leather liner in the boots.

    Their customer service is definitely top notch as well! Keep up the great work JIM GREEN’S team!!

  37. Nathan

    Fantastic boots, these and the African Rangers. Only took a few days to break them in. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a pair of excellent, affordable leather boots. Forgot to mention on the other review, but I purchased both pairs of of Amazon.

  38. Corey MacNeil (verified owner)

    I purchased these a while back and I have really put these through their paces. I do recommend that everyone uses a water proofing product on them. I originally purchased a size 8.5 US, they fit well but I ended up buying a second pair size nine to accommodate a thicker pair of socks.

  39. KMSKelton (verified owner)

    I bought my US 14 razorbacks through Amazon in Sept 2021. I used to have terrible gout attacks and as a result need wider width footwear. I also wear custom orthotics and traded out the included insert. Out of the box, plus the orthotics, these are some of the most comfortable boots I’ve worn and required almost no breaking in.

    The leather is high quality. I crawl around on my concrete driveway repairing my truck, my wife’s truck and our travel trailer, scuffing all sides of these boots. I have hiked in them and found them very supportive. Unless I’m doing an activity that a specific shoe is called for (e.g. mountain biking) these are my constant companions. All I do is brush them, clean with saddle soap then use a leather treatment and they still look fantastic.
    I’ve worn them in snow with heavy socks and the traction was good but the lack of insulation convinced me to switch to my winter boots after a half day.

    The soles are top notch. With hundreds of miles on asphalt, concrete, dirt and rocks I expect I’ll get another five years before these need resoling. Unlike other soles that don’t wear as long I don’t feel like I’m walking on bricks. Whatever compound they’re using is a winner.

  40. Rob

    A great value in very good boots. Well worth the initial investment of time to have a truly solid boot for all conditions. With a good coat of SnoSeal or similar beeswax based sealant on the leather and all seams these are highly water resistant, good for tromping through mud, puddles and streams but not wading. The padded collar and tongue (with high gussets) do a great job of keeping seed pods, burrs, and other debris out. The wide toe feels a bit much at first but as the upper stretches the laces lock the foot in remarkably well.

    The break-in period was tough underfoot, less so once I got some high-end insoles, took several days of regular wear and light hiking. Once broken in, they are remarkably comfortable. They are still very supportive, protective, and maintain a certain presence, and are perfect for working with livestock around the farm or scouting ahead of whitetail season. I expect to get several years of service out of these.

    Fit pretty true to size, though I’m finding the Vellies and African Ranger boots fit differently from the Razorbacks. I’m happy with US 11.5 in the Razorbacks, US11 in the Vellies and African Rangers, 12 in New Balance sneakers and 11 in Mexican made square toed cowboy boots for reference. Both Jim Green (Garreth) and the Jim Green Amazon store have been very easy to work with for exchanges.

    Very well designed boots made of very robust materials by a company with great customer service and ethics. If you don’t need the durability of the lugged sole, the wedge sole option or the shorter African Ranger will break in faster and still go the extra mile or twenty. If you need the durability of the lugged sole, or just love the classics, these will not disappoint.

  41. Malcolm Matusky (verified owner)

    Just got my Razorbacks yesterday, put my high arch insoles in and am now wearing them around the house. These will be a keeper, like my African Rangers 5″ which are great for pounding the pavement on my daily walks. I wanted something more substantial underfoot for the rocky trails here in Phoenix, the Razorbacks will foot the bill. The wilder toe box is appreciated as I’m now retiring two pairs of hiking boots, they were never comfortable but over the years my foot must have changed a bit and now they are literally a pain to wear. I was looking at custom boots, $700+ and am glad I found JG’s reviewed by Rose Anvil and tried a pair.

  42. Walter Bremner

    Ordered from UK – no problems with postage, fairly quick delivery. I wear UK12, ordered a 12, good fit. Nice wide toe box, comfortable straight from the box. The insoles seem a bit rubbishy so bought replacements but months later I am still using the original ones. Theses are really nice boots. I would highly recommend.

  43. Nathan

    Good feeling and durable boots although the pull tap on my right boot ripped right off when I was looking at them in my hands, I don’t use the tabs anyways so it was actually kind of funny lmao

  44. Ben (verified owner)

    What’s good:
    -Great company with excellent customer service.
    -They seem well put together.
    -They have a good feeling of stability on soft or shifting ground.
    What’s terrible:
    -There is nothing underfoot with any give. It is a hard lug sole, a plastic midsole, and a leather insole. You can replace the insole, but only with a thin one because it will change the fit.
    – The heel counter is a straight line with no natural curve for your heel. Super annoying when you walk.

    Overall, I really wanted to like these boots but I hardly wear them anymore. There are much better options at this price for good hiking boots, or for cool heritage boots.

  45. Craig (verified owner)

    These Razorback boots fought me for a while but now we’re good friends.

    The boots were super stiff when I received them so I just wore them around the house for 5 or 6 days. At that point I went for a one mile walk on flat sidewalks. My heels were on fire by the end of the walk! No blisters, but if I had to go another half mile I would’ve had them.

    So for the next week I put heel tape on my heels and wore them every day around the house again. After that I took the heel tape off and went for the same walk. This time it went significantly better. There was minimal rubbing on my heels. It wasn’t great, but it was better.

    For the next week I continued wearing them around the house all day without the heel tape. After that I decided to go for a legitimate hike in the woods. I went about 4 miles and I didn’t wear the heel tape. I went up and down hills, over roots, rocks, and generally uneven terrain. The boots were great! No heel rubbing at all!

    Now I’m at the fourth week and they fit like a glove. So, I can’t speak to the boots’ longevity, but they seem well-made and sturdy, and after the break-in they are really comfortable.

    Also, I kept the original insole which is a thin piece of leather on top, under that is some compressed material, and under that (in the heel only) is a rectangle piece of poron. Time will tell, but as of now the insole is fine for me and I have no intention of replacing it.

    So, I’m glad I stuck it out with these boots because it seems well worth it. I believe I’ll have a sturdy, comfortable pair of boots for many years to come.

  46. Ed Frey (verified owner)

    I bought a pair of Razorbacks in April 2022. Put them on with my orthotics inserted and started doing my daily walk. Now a year later I have put about 1,500 miles on them and they show some wear but I believe they are good for another 1,500 before needing to be resoled.

    I read that some of the other Reviewers needed to do a break-in; some of them for longer periods than others. I did not find them to need any breaking in and have been VERY happy with them.

    EXCEPT: The lug sole captures a lot of gravel and carries it into my RV where my bare feet then finds all of it. When I bought my Razorbacks the wedge sole was not offered. It is now and if you wish to avoid the lug sole gravel issue I strongly recommend getting that sole.

    When I complained to Jim Green about the lug soles they said that soon I could buy the wedge soles online for resoling. But since I have been a good customer they were going to see if there were any ‘seconds’ available with the wedge sole.

    They found a pair of Rangers and have sent them to me (certainly do not look like ‘seconds’ to me) and after wearing them this morning I was more than pleased to see that they held no gravel.

    I’m now the owner of Vellies, Razorbacks & Rangers and VERY happy with all of them. Jim Green is a good company that listens to their customers and makes GREAT boots.

  47. Nick Hancock (verified owner)

    I received a pair of Razorbacks for Christmas in 2021 and they have become my go to outdoor boots. I can’t say enough good about them. They are very comfortable and have held up well over the last year and a half. Thank you for offering a size 13.5 U.S. Very few footwear companies outside of military contractors offer that size in the States. I just ordered a pair of African Rangers for for work and can’t wait to try them out. Thank you for making your high quality, affordable, all leather footwear available to the U.S. market. You have a customer for life.

  48. Brad

    Based on Rose Anvil I purchased these on the Jim Green site. The quality and sturdiness of the boot is without question. But for my foot which is a normal 11 medium they are brutal. I have worn them 10 times or more to break then in and they have not broken in yet. Very uncomfortable because of this.
    I have other boots to include my Air Force flying boots which are also very sturdy and great quality as well as my Wolverine’s and they break in and are comfortable.
    Be sure you are willing to wear these until they break in.
    I would have given them 5 stars but for me they were unsuitable and impossible to break in after many miles and tries this 3 stars.

  49. Shannon Shelley (verified owner)

    I received my first pair of Jim Greene Razorback boots about 2 weeks ago. They look great and the fit for me is just a tiny bit smaller than I thought they would be. I was recommended a size 10.5 and they do fit perfectly with a thin sick, so I’m 100% happy. I typically wear a thicker sock for work, which is what I purchased these for, so when I order my next pair, I will get a size 11. From what I can tell, they feel a bit on the firm side, so I’m breaking them in a little at a time. I can’t recommend these boots enough for someone who likes wearing a tough looking and tough wearing boot. I will be a repeat customer for sure!

  50. Scott

    These are my go to hiking boots, even though I own Nicks and JK’s. They are everything you could want in a solid hiking boot, with very few tweaks that could improve them, but for the price are really the gold standard. Even then, Jim Green Is very open to working on a custom boot. I’m saving up for a pair of custom boots right now.

    Rugged and reliable all the way around.

  51. Jeff Lambert (verified owner)

    I bought a pair of Razorbacks a few weeks back to use as a hiking and general winter beater boot. I figured for the price, they would probably outlast any of the glued together, synthetic hikers I have used for the purpose in years past. With the boots in hand, it’s pretty apparent that they are a ton more boot than expected for the price. The quality of the materials, and the construction, are easily on par with the last few pairs of Red Wings and Carolina Boots that I have had, and they remind me quite a bit of an old pair of Alicos that I wore for nearly 10 years. The fit and finish is not quite on par with the Nicks that I wear for work these days, but it’s way closer than one would expect for less than 1/3 the price. Overall, they are good enough to warrant a detailed review.

    Fit: I am a 9.5 E Brannock size, and ordered a 9.5. The fit is excellent length and width wise, with a roomier, more foot shaped toe box than is typical of American heritage and work boots. The toe box is a bit short from top to bottom, and seemed like it would be uncomfortable, at first. As the boots have broken in, though, I have ended up with adequate toe space. There probably wouldn’t be room to add a thicker insole, though.
    Comfort: These boots are quite comfortable once broken in. They are initially quite stiff, due to the fairly thick double layer construction and the heavy rubber unit lug sole, but soften up after a few weeks of casual wear, and a few short hikes. It took about a week of careful lacing and occasional readjustment to get the tongue to sit right, which is pretty much on par with other all leather hikers and mountaineering boots I have owned in the past. The leather and poron insoles are fine, but not very heavily cushioned. I don’t mind, but it’s worth noting, as some folks prefer a heavily cushioned footbed.
    Aesthetics: These are a classic leather hiker, and they definitely look the part. They are well built, which is pretty apparent on close inspection. the stitching is neat, the trimming and finishing on the sole is well done, and the leather has a nice finish. mine arrived with a few smudges of some kind on the uppers (grime from final assembly, maybe?), I got the majority off with a damp rag, and likely could have gotten 100%, if I had cared to. If these were $4-600 boots, I would have expected better, and probably knocked a star off the review for it. Instead, I took them outside, did a bunch of yard chores, and split some firewood in them, and any remaining dirt is now hidden by some yard grime and a few scuffs.

  52. coryskeleton

    I heard a lot of good things about this boot and this company so I bought a pair to replace my work boots. Initially, I was worried they were too snug but after a few wears I love how they hug my feet. The wider toe box is such a relief for my feet. With a thick pair of socks and some wax, these pups are ready for the snow.

    I would highly recommend anyone upgrade the inserts and get some hiking socks.

  53. Giovany Bernardino (verified owner)

    I’ve been struggling for years to find the perfect shoes for my flintstone looking feet , I love leather boots but it’s hard to find wider fits and I stumbled across this company bc of Rose Anvil , I just tried them on and they are without exaggeration, the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn . Buying more asap . 🤝 best looking boots .

  54. Greg (verified owner)

    I bought these because I’ve been searching for more durable all leather non-goretex boots since synthetic has taken over the market and are nice but not as durable.

    After buying these boots the shipping time to get them was very fast.

    Out of the box, the boots are great, especially for their price. My feet are two different sizes (13 and 13.5) so I ordered the 13.5 (also, I am very happy for a company that does half sizes above 11) and the fit is great for both. I was skeptical about the fit because from other reviews I’d seen these boots might be for wider feet. But it turns out that the heel cups my foot and locks in my ankle pretty well and tapers out toward the toe box to be able to accommodate most foot shapes. The toe box does look a bit wide and different from other boots, but that’s only noticeable from looking straight down. Otherwise you can’t tell, and for the quality and fit, it’s definitely worth it. The insoles are a bit thin, but I replace them on most of my boots anyways because most boots provide subpar insoles so I’d rather that money goes into the boot. Overall, for the price and build, I’d recommend these to just about everyone. You are getting a pair of boots that is better than many more expensive boots.

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